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4 Reasons to Use Employee Benefits

A comprehensive employee benefits package is beneficial to in all areas of business

Here are four good reasons you should offer employee benefits.

Benefits are a great way to help your employees in a variety of ways, from ensuring their wellbeing and health to saving money on everyday shopping. These are all ways to make the lives of employees that little bit easier, and their work experience a little bit more enjoyable.

Here are just four reasons you should offer benefits to employees of your company:

1.Increase appeal

Employers are seeking to win the “War to Recruit Talent’ applicants will be more selective about which companies they work for, and as a result, when it comes down to getting competent employees who are knowledgeable, dedicated and will add the business to its fullest businesses must be more distinctive and make their company an attractive one.

According to Glassdoor 60% of respondents say they consider that benefits as well as perks are an important aspect in deciding whether to accept an offer of employment and 80% of employees prefer additional benefits over a raise in pay.

In addition to helping you attract the best talent A strong benefits package can motivate your employees to speak to their acquaintances outside of work. This is a great way to attract new employees. It’s all about making your business an environment where people are happy to work!

2. Retain Talent

It is more costly to hire an employee who is new than it costs to retain your employees, and according to Croner the cost average of employees’ turnover, based by the typical UK pay, is approximately PS11,000 per employee. Employee turnover can cause interruption and lack of continuity for colleagues and customers alike, which is why after companies have great employees it is important to focus on how you can keep the talent you have.

Since many companies offer an employee rewards package to employees. Employees can no anymore just have to compare their salary when considering an offer to join a company. They look at the offer in all its entirety , and then weigh the value of it all. A higher-than-average employee benefits package will go a long way in keeping employees employed at the company.

These benefits can also be important aspects of employees’ lives, and they begin to depend on these benefits. As time passes, they turn into something your employees will not wish to let go of. An arrangement for a long-term purchase of an automobile through the employer, for example is a great incentive for someone to keep them around for.

3. Improve morale, engagement, and improve productivity

The ability of staff members to participate in activities essential to them or helping them to save money in their daily lives will show how much they’re appreciated.

Benefits can be a significant contribution to your lifestyle or leisure pursuits – giving you that all-important happiness factor that increases morale, engagement , and productivity and increases loyalty. Employees who are unhappy will not be productive or engaged and this could impact the future prospects of businesses.

4. Employers and employees can save money.

Benefits that work through compensation plans such as salary reduction or net payment deductions, where the employee is required to give up a part of their salary for an additional benefit that is not cash-based, such as annual leave purchase programs could be financially beneficial both for the employer and the employees. In addition to helping employees to spread the cost of major purchases, they also have the potential to enjoy lower tax and NI costs – like their employers.

We can help you:

An employee benefit package that is competitive can be a significant tool, not only to draw the best employees however, it also helps retain the very best. Employers who invest in their staff today will will benefit in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about employee benefits solutions and how they significantly impact the wellbeing of your employees, contact our experts right now if have any queries!