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Discover the Benefits of a Certified Coaching Program

In the realm of training for coaches, the options are infinite. From online classes to on-site classes, you will find virtually any kind of course that will meet your needs and budget. However, not all courses are the same. If you opt for an accredited coaching program it will ensure that your training is accredited or approved through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Find out the reasons why this is important and how it will help you become a better coach.

What is a Certified Coaching Program?

There are many places where coaches can find instruction, a certified coaching program is in compliance with the standards established by the International Coach Federation. There are three types of certification or approval that the ICF provides Accredited Coaching Training Programs and Approved Coach-specific Training Hours and continuing coach education.

To get a complete training experience for coaches, consider the Accredited coach Training Program (ACTP). ACTPs must have at minimum one hundred and fifty hours of coaching-specific instruction which ensures that participants are well-informed about ICF’s definition of coaching, the ICF Definition of Coaching, ICF Core Competencies, and the Code of Ethics. The participants are monitored during coaching sessions and are required to take a final examination to prove their competence as a coach.

If you’re seeking instruction in particular elements of coaching search for a school that is certified through the ICF as Approved Coaching-Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). ACSTH programs allow you to select your preferred area of study, but they must comprise 30 hours of coaching. As with ACTPs, ACSTH also require the observation of coaching sessions and also the ability to train for ICF Core Competencies.

Once you’ve completed the ACTP as well as an ACSTH course The Continuing Coach Education (CCE) will help you develop and maintain your expertise Learn new techniques and refresh the knowledge you’ve acquired from previous classes. CCE courses build on ICF the Core Competencies and provide training that coaches can use to build their businesses as well as enhance their professional and personal growth.

What are the benefits?

When you select a program that is accredited by ICF-accreditation, you’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools that have been demonstrated to be beneficial to your clients. You’ll also be equipped to face challenges as well as deal with personalities who are problematic and assist your clients get real-world results that are quantifiable and tangible.

Furthermore, you can gain more clients by having your accreditation. You would not visit a physician or dentist who wasn’t accredited or licensed, and clients may have a lower likelihood to choose an instructor who doesn’t have any type of certification that is recognized as valid. The completion of the ICF recognized or approved training course allows you to add it to your credentials, which will increase the credibility of your clients.

Then, finishing the ICF credentialed training course allows the student to be an ICF member. Community members have access to ICF publications and resources as well as news on professional development opportunities, as well as discounts on local and national conferences and events. This allows you to continue to expand and grow connections as an ICF coach certified.

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