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18th October 2022 – Baccarat card values

Baccarat is the ideal casino game for players looking for fun, sophisticated and fast-paced without any complicated rules. Along with roulette, baccarat is among the easiest games to comprehend which is why it’s been a favorite all through the years.

Our guide to baccarat rules will provide every aspect of the game that players need to be aware of before they begin. We will talk about the game’s objective, how to assess the worth of the cards, what actions players and bankers can take, and the terminology that is used in a game of baccarat.

Standard baccarat gameplay

The first step is to determine what is a’standard Baccarat. In this guide, we will assume that American Baccarat, (or Punto Banco, as it is sometimes referred to as, is the most common version.

This is in line with the approach most game developers in casinos take therefore, if you see games that are simply called ‘baccarat”, you are likely that it’s a common game that is played according to American Punto Banco rules. With this being said, we’ll begin!

Baccarat is played using either 6 or 8 decks of regular playing cards. The same is true for all variants of the game, unless stipulated. There are a variety of varieties that play บาคาร่าออนไลน์ that are available, and the majority of them adhere to the majority of standard rules with small deviations on a couple of points.

A game of baccarat proceeds according to the order in which it occurs:

The player places a bet on what the result from the contest will turn out. There are three possibilities to bet on – a Banker winner, a Player win or a tie

The dealer will shuffle the cards before dealing two cards to the player and two to the Banker. The Banker is dealt face down

The cards are turned over. Assuming neither participant has an unnatural hand (i.e. an automatically winning hand) Each player can decide to take action based on the amount of money they have in their hands

The goal of Baccarat is to have a final score of 9. The participant with the highest hand value to 9 wins.

Table layout

If you had to play Baccarat online, and later play in a land-based casino then you should not have any issues playing in the reverse direction. There are minor variations between the felt-covered table for Baccarat and the online version.

In a casino that is located on land, there are multiple members of staff to help you play, which can accommodate up to 14 players at once around a massive green table. In mini-baccarat games the table is half the size and only one croupier is required because there can be seven players on the table at any one time.

The layout of the table is pretty easy to understand. Tabletops are marked with three big sections, one each to bet on the player, Banker or tied outcomes. On certain tables, there are designated sections for the dealer to put the dealt cards in, labelled as Banker and Player making it easier to see which cards are the ones to be dealt.

The players place their chips on the the table in line with the outcome they’d like to place bets on and then the game can begin.

The design of the virtual Baccarat table is very identical to the real table in that the player is presented with three sections that they can bet on. Of course, there’s no additional seats at the table , as each player will be the only participant. The dealer’s duties are handled via the program.

Baccarat live, the experience will be even more similar to the real one because multiple players can join the same game and in this case, the tables will appear exactly like what you’d see in the land-based casino, and come with a live dealer.

The fundamental rules of Baccarat

The aim of Baccarat is straightforward enough – to build a hand using an average valued at 9 or at least as close to it as it is possible. In order to determine the card’s value, there’s several things we need to be aware of, including how we determine card value and what actions, if any, players may take during the game.

Baccarat card values

Card values in baccarat are straightforward and simple to remember.

Numbered cards 2 – 9: These cards have a face value i.e. a 5 of diamonds is worth 5 points.

Face cards and 10: These cards are worth zero points. Face cards include the Jack Queen, Queen, and King

Aces: Aces count for 1 point.

Hand values are based on the last digit of sum of all the card values. In this case, for example, a player receives a 5 and 9. In total, they add to 14. The final digit is 4, so that is the value for the hands. In Baccarat the suits that are dealt are not relevant.

Draws and stands

There are two options that participants in a game of baccarat can take – either stand or draw. If a player decides to draw, a second card is dealt, which brings the total hand size up to three cards. This is also referred to as a hit i.e. we could say that the player hit the card.

When a player stands, they indicate that they do NOT want to draw and want to play on by holding the current amount of their hand.

There are rules for players who draw or stand, and these differ for both the Banker or the gambler. Let’s take a look at these rules next.

Player’s hand

The player’s hand determines how the game proceeds as the Banker’s actions will depend upon whether the person been drawn, or stood. The rules that govern the players’ actions are quite straightforward:

If the player’s initial total of 5 or less the player draws a third card

If the player’s score is a number of 6, 7, or 8, they will be able to play.

Hand of a banker

The player takes action first , and the Banker’s options depend on which action that is. If the player stood (i.e. holds two cards), the Banker follows the same basic rule like the player.

This means that if the Banker has a hand value of 0-5, they draw and if it’s a value of 6, or 7, they remain.

It gets even more complicated when the player is playing with another card. The good news is that, when playing baccarat, the dealer will handle the entire process and the player won’t have to fret too much. It’s important to be aware of what to expect and here are the rules the Banker follows when a player draws an additional card:

If the Banker’s total is 2 or less, the Banker is able to draw a card each time

If the Banker’s total is 3, Banker draws unless the third card played by the player was an 8

If the total of Banker is 4, Banker draws if Player’s Third card contained 2, 3, 4, 5 6 or 7.

If the Banker’s total is 5 The Banker draws if the player’s 3rd card is 4, 5, 6 or 7

If the total of Banker is 6 and Banker draws, if the Player’s third card was a 7

If the total of Banker 7 is reached, Banker stands every time

Live baccarat rules

When you’ve grasped the basic rules of baccarat, you can confidently play the game in any medium, including the live-dealer games. Although the visual appearance of the game could be a bit different due because of the fact that there is a live dealer and other players, play plays the same that it would at an offline casino, and also via online software.

How is the winning hand determined?

The winning hand is one that has the closest value to the value of 9. When the first two cards make up a value of 9 or 8 they are known as ‘naturals and are automatically considered being the hand that won. A 4 and a 5 or an 8 and 10 are two instances of how a natural hand is created.

Sometimes the Banker and Hands of the Player are equal in worth and result in a tie. If the gambler bets on the Tie outcome, they would win.

Baccarat bets

There are three options players can bet on in a game of baccarat that exclude any side bets. To keep things simple we’ll stick to the traditional bets for while describing the details of each about.

Betting on the Player

If a gambler bets on the Player is in essence placing an investment on their hand beating the Banker’s. If the hand of the player is higher than that of the Banker, it is a win for the player will get the payout in a 1:1 ratio.

The edge of the house on the bet of a player is 1.24%, which remains the same whether you are playing with 6 or 8 decks. If you’re playing a single deck (a rarity) the house edge is 1.29%.

Bets on Bankers

It is the most popular among players because it has a house edge that is lower than the Player bet and significantly lower than the bet on Tie. In an 8 or 6-deck game, the edge for the house is 1.06 percent. It’s 1.01 percent for the single deck game.

The Banker bet pays out 19:20, which is nearly even in value, however it takes part into the house’s 5% commission cost. This is done because of the popularity of the bet with gamblers thanks to its higher likelihood of occurring.

Betting on Tie

The outcome of a tie is the most unlikely one, however it is appealing due to its 8:1 payout. It’s so rare due to the fact that it requires the Player and Banker hands to have the same value.

The edge of the house on betting on a tie is predictably, very high. For a 6-deck game it is 14.44 percent. In an 8-deck game, it’s 14.36%. In a single-deck game it’s even higher , at 15.75 percent.

Side bets

There are many betting options in Baccarat but it is up to the game developer or casino to decide which that are offered. In standard Baccarat, there are only three possible bets , but below are a couple of examples of betting options that can be offered in different games:

Dragon Bonus: This is a bet on the size of the disparity between the winning and losing hand. The higher the win disparity and the higher the stake. For example, a player may bet on a winning disparity of 8, which means that the winning and losing hands have to be at least 8 points apart.

Even/Odd This is a set of four side bets based on the probability that the value for either of the two hands on the table is even or odd

Small and Big The bet is placed on the total amount of cards that are in play, as determined by whether the player hit or stands. If there are 4 cards on the table at end of the game the Small bet will win. If there are 6 or 5 players on table by the end, the Big bet wins

Pair bet

When placing a bet on a pair in a pair, the player picks their own hand or the Banker’s hand . The player place a bet on the hand being a pair that is matched. The player can choose to bet on getting a pair of their own or the Banker forming the pair, or both making a pair.

The bet doesn’t mention the worth of the cards which can be two 10s 2, two 5, two Aces or any other amount, only that a pair is dealt. Don’t forget that suits aren’t important in Baccarat, so the suit of the cards dealt don’t matter.

In general, casinos pay at 11:1 on this bet which has a house edge of 10.36% to 11.25% for both 8 and 6 deck games, respectively.


Baccarat is no wonder it has been a major draw at land-based casinos for centuries. In addition, with the advancement of technology that brings the game to our various screens, it continues to be a popular online game as well.

With a few simple rules to keep in mind, but lacking of thrilling gameplay, Baccarat is simple to master, and players can rapidly improve their abilities through practice and continuing to expand their knowledge of strategy.