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The benefits of fitness for employees and employers

Workers returning to work demand more of their work environment following the outbreak, one benefit that is increasing is fitness. More and more employers are becoming aware of the benefits of having gyms on their premises and discounted memberships for corporate members. What are the advantages of gym memberships and employee gym discounts for both employers and employees?

The fitness boom

The reduction of gym memberships for corporate clients and on-site gyms aren’t new, however they’ve been gaining huge popularity in recent years.

The Engage app has reported an increase of 32% of gym members requesting discounts from their employers in April 2021, which is due to our desire to hit the treadmill after long period of closings to gyms and home workouts.

But, the trend towards wellness was already pushing fitness towards the forefront of public consciousness prior to COVID.

Between 2011 and 2018, quantity of UK gyms increased by two, with the fitness business in the UK making PS2 billion prior to the pandemic.

So, how can the growing demand for fitness manifest itself at work?
Benefits of being fit can be enjoyed by employees and employers.

With plenty of benefits for employees and managers alike there’s no reason to wonder why we’re seeing more more companies incorporate gyms into their workplaces , or provide various fitness options to their employees.

Here are a few advantages.

Improved fitness levels

Of course, improved fitness levels are expected however, what is this going to mean for people as well as businesses?

For those who exercise regularly Better fitness results in improved health, resilience, self-confidence as well as energy levels.

Employers benefit from healthier employees have fewer sick days and generally feel more content with their jobs and in themselves.
Less stress

Exercise can reduce stress levels, which can lead to greater mental wellbeing at work. Through the release of endorphins, employees are more prepared to face the challenges of office life and employers can enjoy better attendance and overall morale.

Increased productivity levels

When we exercise frequently, we feel better and more energetic. This has a direct impact on every aspect of our lives, but especially work. More energetic, healthier and more lively employees do not just feel better but also perform better. Therefore, be prepared to witness your productivity rise dramatically.

Better talent

Culture of the company is a major factor in attracting and keeping top talent. Employee benefits are a major element of your corporate culture.

In offering a gym on-site or a reduced membership plan to your employees by demonstrating your dedication to their health. By taking it one more substantial step, this demonstrates that your commitment to the physical and mental health of your employees by offering them benefits that will have an impact beyond the confines of your workplace.

Many business owners put aside funds to provide free gym memberships as well as training packages for employees. We’re anticipating a surge for corporate gyms due to our customers and their employers clamour to reap the numerous positives of an healthier workforce.

Memberships to gyms are reduced

The option of reducing gym memberships for your employees is a great option to aid in their fitness and health goals. A lot of our corporate clients collaborate together to design an individual package to their team. This way they will make the most of our services while getting the best value for money.

Ad-hoc and bootcamps

There’s a fitness solution that can be found in each workplace. For instance, organizing the weekly bootcamp in the outdoors with a certified fitness instructor is an excellent alternative if you’re working with an budget for employee benefits.

Businesses who want to adopt the fitness program that works within their budgets We provide “learn and master classes” in which our highly-qualified personal trainers will visit your workplace to talk about fitness and nutrition, assisting to identify the ideal solution for your business.