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What Can Be Gained Through Physiotherapy?

If you’ve been struggling with general pains and aches, or you’ve suffered from recently sustained or ongoing injuries it’s a challenge to schedule your first appointment with physiotherapy. You might be wondering if this method is appropriate for you, how it works and, more important, if it will be effective. It is important to be aware of all the benefits of physical therapy so you are able to make an informed choice.

At Leyland Physio We are aware of all worries you may have. We will arrange a consultation with you. During this consultation, we will conduct a thorough examination to determine the root of your problem and the most effective option for you. Additionally, unlike other clinics, ours can send you for scans or to visit a consultant directly without the need of an appointment with a GP. We have great contacts for each area of clinical care, should you require to be recommended. We guarantee that your individualized treatment plan will be completely tailored to your specific needs.

1. The physiotherapy approach can help reduce pain

Injuries to your soft tissues bone, nerves, or bones can result in stiffness, pain pins and needles swelling, bruising, numbness or swelling. Our physiotherapists work with you to determine and pinpoint the problem. Understanding the cause of your injury will allow us to address it and stop it from recurring. We’re committed to applying a hands-on method, that is in line with the most available research and techniques based on evidence. By focusing on solutions-based treatments, you can ensure that you’ll never have to count on our long-term advice. A proactive approach helps get to the source of the issue quickly and helps prevent the issue from recurring later on.

We’ll create a customized treatment plan to target the problem area. This could include tapping of injured and joint joints or soft tissues, joint mobilization, acupuncture Shockwave Therapy or sports-specific rehabilitation in the event that you require it. After carrying your plan the pain will lessen and, most of the time it will disappear completely.

For chronic diseases like arthritis, it’s important to note that we can’t fix the issue or make it disappear. But, through our treatments, we can assist to slow the progress and prevent it from becoming worse. This includes rehabilitation exercises that are hands-on.

2. Physiotherapy can improve overall strength and Balance

Strengthening and stretching your body by performing the exercises suggested by your physiotherapist may assist in recovering your mobility. For instance your physiotherapist can aid you in retraining and strengthen stabilising muscles in order to help you regain stability and balance in the deep postural muscles of the body.

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3. The physiotherapy approach can help you avoid Surgery

The key here is prompt intervention. If you’ve suffered an injury like an injury or strain, usually caused by sport and athletic activity, undergoing rehabilitation can avoid having for surgery down the road. We’ll work with to treat the issue as well as reduce swelling and increase flexibility before your injury progresses into something much worse and may even stop the injury from happening again.