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Do I Need A Snoodie?

Some marketers are great at advertising a previously unsolved problem to their customers, and then providing the previously undiscovered solution to the issue at a surprisingly low cost. As happens with a brand new type of blanket called the Snoodie. The product comes with oversized sleeves that let the wearer use their hands with no need to remove the blanket. This blanket is able to be used throughout the house as a robe. However, there’s no closure feature that is included in the design.

Other advantages of the Snoodie are easier access to the phone and books. Also, the wearer can take advantage of snacks without having to remove the blanket completely. The blanket is made to fit one size everyone, thanks to its long length and wide sleeves with openings. It is described by the manufacturer as fluffy fleece, even though it’s not as strong like the typical blankets. The material utilized in the production is similar to the fluffy fleece blankets that are often found in hotel beds.

The Snoodie was a popular pop culture thing following the launch and reruns of a well-known, but somewhat absurd commercial for television. The commercial featured the members of a large family benefitting from the product including a mother speaking via the phone or a father with his laptop while lying on the blanket. The children of the younger generation were taking a break from reading or eating while wearing the. At some time the entire family is seated in the bleachers, everyone wearing a Snoodie and bearing an uncanny likeness to monks who wear cloisters the robes.

In the wake of this famous and constantly upbeat TV commercial, this blanket quickly became the target of numerous people, including satirists and social media pundits. One of the most popular videos parodies remixes the commercial’s audio and introduces a new voice-over to promote it as the Cult of Snoodie. Some have also expressed concern about the product’s shady marketing tactics, as the costs for shipping and handling are nearly the same as the price of the item itself. There are those who question the necessity of the product which claims to solve an unsolved problem.

The Snoodie might not be the first in its class however. Another designer successfully promoted an oversized blanket called the Slanket(tm) some time prior to however it comes with an increased price tag and is only sold through dedicated TV shopping channels such as QVC. The success of Slanket(tm) probably prompted companies like the Snoodie to venture into the market segment of customers who appreciate fashions from the “cloistered monk” style of fashion.