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Is a horse trailer bar a good idea for your wedding?

Making your event unique requires an amount of thought. Being an individual wedding and event organizer, many people tell me that they need something unique when they plan events such as an wedding, engagement or birthday gender reveal, corporate occasion.

Are you thinking of innovative and unique ideas for serving drinks at your next event? You might consider having a bar that is mobile as well as going for something on trend like a horse box bar. The fact is parties are always started with a bar!

With a variety of bar-shaped horse boxes that can be that have been converted to allow access to electric, gas and water with a range of design designs, they do serve as the perfect focus point and functional.

The advantages of hiring a mobile bar

1. They’re mobile which meaning it can be taken nearly everywhere!

2. There are all kinds of sizes and shapes – horse box trailers are trendy Some have been restored to luxury and come with a variety of decors, include bunting, neon lights and even bunting

3. Size is important – especially when you have less space for serving those crucial drinks

4. Certain types of bars will be specialized in particular drinks, for example.

5. Perfect for pictures – make an unforgettable standout moment that guests will talk about for a long time!

6. They’re a fantastic element to incorporate into a wedding ceremony to get that important sparkle from

7. You can set up a tab that allows you to pay on the conclusion of the event. You can also set it up be a cash-bar where customers purchase their own drinks

8. They are self-contained, easy to set up and then pack away

9. Festivals that complement festivals, barn or marquee weddings outdoors, or vintage rustic theme for your party

10. Think about using it used as a prop for your photo also – put an enclosure made of pallets with a variety of glassware, so you can sit and take some photos

What are the negatives of the idea of a mobile horsebox bar?

1. Think about access since it’s going to need to be driven in location!

2. There is a limit to the space available, therefore they will not be able to serve each drink!

3. The weather! As they are outside, that you may get wet waiting for drinks unlike an indoor bar.

What should you do if it rains? Here’s my top suggestion

If you’re having a marquee, inquire with the company that manages the marquee whether they are able to join any of your panels on the front or sides of the mobile bar for horses – this way, guests will be able to access this bar without leaving the tent

Who should I call? Here’s my top recommendation

1. There are many catering businesses that offer mobile bar facilities that include horse boxes, inquire whether they can provide the horse box for no set-up cost as part of a deal

2. Ask the mobile horsebox bar service what they have with their services, as well as more importantly what’s not included Be sure to be sure to read the terms and conditions

3. Ask them if they have the set-up cost, and what concessions they could offer on their drink prices

4. Request for them to visit your venue or location for your party to ensure you will be able to get access the location you would like the horsebox to go, because they can be difficult to maneuver.

5. Find a business near your eventso that you don’t have to pay for additional travel expenses to your venue from outside the county firm

6. Find out what d├ęcor they offer or do you have the option of adding your own decorations, such as bunting or wedding flower arrangements, etc.

7. Be sure to inquire whether they have a liquor license for the event you are planning and any other restrictions

8. If you’re having specific drinks, inquire if the bar staff have been competent or trained in the specific area. For example, cocktail making for instance.

9. Find out what the size of their refrigeration capacity is to cool those crucial drinks

10. What kind of insurance do they offer, e.g. public liability

11. Do they offer complimentary frozen ice, fresh fruit, and glasses?

12. Find out how many employees they employ.

What other options do you have beyond a horse box trailer to bar?

Mobile bars come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Examples:

Pallets are made from wood that are easily decorated with themes like country or forest.

* Caravans are being converted to serve as a small seating area to serve the bar

* Bars with led lights around provide the perfect party atmosphere

Hope my experience helps to guide you in the direction of what is best for you in booking your next celebration. If you require assistance from a professional for planning your event, do make contact with me.