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Reasons to choose sailcloth marquee hire

A wedding outdoors is enjoyable only if the guests as well as the hosts can enjoy their weather as well as setting. The idea of making them sit in the heat of the day or letting them be at the whims of rain clouds is not the best option when you are planning to have a memorable outdoor wedding.

Tents guard not only against weather-related disasters, but they are also an excellent canvas for any style of design or theme.

Sailcloth weddings are the rage of the season , and you should make sure you are not missing out on the excitement if you’re planning a wedding celebration in the near future. This is what weddings in sail tents are about as well as how you could transform your day into a memorable one.

Weather Protection

The wedding reception can continue for a long time and as guests arrive each guest, the event does not seem to be ending. If you plan to host your wedding reception outdoors, both the seasonal rains and hot, unexceptionally hot days can be fought by using the appropriate sailcloth tents.

Costs Less

Tent weddings are considerably less than weddings held at an extravagant location. Additionally an outdoor wedding could be more affordable when compared to a lavish reception in a banquet hall. With tents, you are able to make the atmosphere of both outdoors and indoors at the cost of just one.

The savings you make could be put to use for everything else that you’ve desired for your wedding: food, dresses, wedding dresses and more.

Unlimited Decoration Options

With tents made of sailcloth offer a variety of options to dress up your wedding location. It doesn’t matter if you want classic pole marquees, or any other wedding design, the sky is the limit to your ideas and dreams.

Create your own decor using candles, lights, colours flowers, and almost everything you’d like.

Your Expectations, Our Expertise

At Origami Marquees we understand that you’re looking for the d├ęcor and stage to enhance the glamour and elegance of your wedding ceremony. Our group of highly skilled event experts has the knowledge and experience to manage wedding ceremonies from conception through to finalization.

We can make provide sailcloth marquee hire that are aesthetically pleasing and function, adding a touch of grace and elegance in your ceremony. The sculpted peaks and eaves of transparent sailcloth create an idyllic wedding location. Our tent fabric is 100% waterproof, so that elements don’t cause disturbance.

Contact us now to have a detailed discussion with our team about what you’d like us to incorporate into your outdoor wedding!