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Advantages of renting a van

If it’s an extended weekend getaway and you’re carrying a lot of luggage, or you’re moving home hiring a self-drive van is among the most cost-effective, flexible methods of getting from point A to point B. There are some myths surrounding van hire , and some do not see it as an opportunity to save precious time and cash.

This month, we have discussed some of the most important benefits you can get from self-drive van rental. If you feel there’s something we’ve left out from this article, please tell us in the comments section at the bottom of this article.


From beginning to end the hiring process for self-drive cars is effortless and easy. (Well from NVP it’s not really.) A team of advisors will assist to complete all required paperwork, and perform a pre-collection examination to ensure that you’ll be in good hands out on the road.

With a great price for the value and a clear fair and honest service, and affordable prices, renting vehicles can help reduce the anxiety and stress that can arise from using your personal vehicle. This is in addition to the space and peace of mind about everything being in place.

Self-drive hire firms regularly manage, clean and maintain their fleets, which means you can be sure that when you collect your vehicle your van is in good hands and is smelling of the “new vehicle” smell. Particularly in the recent past and in light of the recent outbreak of cholera, cleanliness and hygiene is an important factor for many van rental companies in the UK.

In addition when you’re returning after a trip, certain companies offer pickup and delivery service. It’s important to get this scheduled prior to time, so make sure you make this clear when you’re contacting about a particular vehicle.

Flexible rental terms

Many rental companies provide flexibility in terms for van hire Stourbridge whether you require the van for just 2 hours, two days, two weeks or even two months! It could be that you require the rental for one day, but you may need the vehicle for a longer duration of duration. In either case self-drive van hire gives the flexibility to rent terms that satisfy your specific needs. The majority of van rental companies offer flexible hours of operation, and can open later and earlier, allowing for awkward drop-off timings!

A lot of self-drive hire businesses provide special weekend rates as well which means that the cost of certain vehicles is discounted. This not only saves your money, but also should you be thinking of purchasing a new vehicle in the near future, it lets you go for a test experience.

Fully maintained

Are you planning a long trip? The last thing you need to worry about is driving a car out on vacation, or halfway through the process of the process of moving that valuable furniture that is likely to fail during the journey. If you’re thinking about self-drive van rental it’s not the case.

You can be at ease knowing that every vehicle/van goes through health and maintenance inspections to ensure it is safe and legal to drive in addition to ensuring that it is maintained regularly and in good condition. Self-drive rental firms operate many vehicles, and they have to ensure that their vehicles and vans are in excellent condition. In case it happens that you have a breakdown roadside assistance is in place to get you moving. When you hire a van or vehicle, make sure that you ask for what to do in the event of breakdown, and also what assistance for roadside emergencies is offered!

More variety of cars

If you’re visiting your family within the urban area and require an affluent city vehicle or you require a bigger vehicle to transport your valuable furniture for your home, or perhaps you’re in need of an Luton Tail Lift Hire for larger objects, you’ll always have more options of vehicles offered by self-drive companies.

Personal assistance

It is a fact that things happen which are out of your control. It’s possible to be trapped in traffic may be involved in an accident, or even experience a breakdown. In the event that you’re operating your vehicle You’re completely at your own risk.

But this isn’t the situation with auto-drive vehicles. You’ll be able to contact one of our specialists team, who are there to help you in any way that they can.