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Advantages Of A Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating In Your Facility

Are you in search of an extremely durable and robust flooring that is resistant to all types of wear and wear and tear? Epoxy flooring is the best way to go. Many commercial and industrial establishments have epoxy floors precisely for this reason. What are some advantages of flooring with epoxy?


Epoxy floors are polished, professional appearance and easy to maintain. For example hardwood floors require special floor cleaners, but epoxy floors are able to handle any kind of cleaning solution. When you spill something on the epoxy floor clean up is as easy to do.


One of the primary reasons flooring coatings made of epoxy are often used in the automobile industry is because of their superior resistance. Epoxy is impervious to oil, bleach cleaners, gasoline transmission fluid, and many more. In addition, epoxy floors are water and heat-resistant.

In reality, epoxy flooring provides excellent protection from fire since certain pigments that are used in the coating can increase when they are exposed to the heat. The protective layer on your floor will remain in place until fire is extinguished or is extinguished.


With no metallic epoxy coating, concrete floors are extremely porous, and absorbs the liquids that spill onto it. Epoxy creates a layer that protects against grease, moisture cracks, stains and cracks. Other flooring options like carpet as well as tile or grout could be more susceptible to spills of all kinds.


When compared to other flooring types available, the epoxy flooring has the edge in the endurance department. In actuality, industrial structures and factories favor epoxy floor coatings due to its ability to stand up to all the wear and tear caused by the heavy machinery.


When epoxy is installed properly the floor is properly installed, it can last for many decades without cracking or peeling. This is another reason why industrial and commercial establishments choose to install epoxy floors.


It’s true, epoxy floor coatings can be incredibly flexible in their appearance. They come in a variety of colors, you can put the flooring in various patterns and designs. A low-cost way to brighten the look of concrete and create a pleasant atmosphere for your work or home space by installing epoxy flooring.


Garages are awestruck by epoxy flooring, not just because of its durability and resistance but also because of its security components. This flooring material is reflective of light and improves visibility.

If you’re really looking to improve the look of your home look into our floor epoxy metallic finishes, that give life to concrete floors. The finish appears to “gild” the concrete floor and makes it appear 3D.

Does It Work In A Residential or Commercial Settings?

Metallic epoxy paint is utilized for commercial and residential environments. Commercial spaces can find it in hotel lobbies, salons restaurant, retail stores as well as hotels and offices. In residences, you may discover floors made of metallic epoxy in kitchens, living spaces or basements.

Can It Be Used On Outdoor Concrete?

We recommend against using metallic epoxies in the outdoors because they can discolor when exposed to sunlight.