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How to Design a Luxury Home Swimming Pool

We’ve been captivated by the perfect pool on vacation and wish we could replicate this at our own home. In the quest for homeowners to create spa-like sanctuaries they are creating bespoke pools for their homes and with the help of skilled designers and architects. Here are six things to consider if you’re thinking of creating a similar pool as well as some inspiring examples.

1. What are your priorities in life?

The pool you choose to design should to complement your lifestyle. Ask yourself what you’d like to get from a design change. Are you hoping to make your morning workout routine more enjoyable? to provide a playground for your kids? Perhaps you want to build a space in which for summer parties.

2. All natural or chlorine?

Water-filtration systems are a crucial element to take into consideration before beginning your work. Chlorinated and salt water pools have completely different filtering systems, and you should decide on the best one before beginning any major work.

If you’re looking to avoid chemical use and go for a lake-inspired design, Austrian company Biotop offers traditional designs, known as Living Pools, which use an filtration system that doubles to ensure the water stays clear.

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3. What features do you want to add?

“Automation has become a major element in the design of pools. Smart pools don’t only activate the cover for the pool, heat and cleaning systems they can also incorporate changing mood lighting, music and even waterfalls and fountains, according to Mikhail Chin, senior architect for OBMI which is a Cayman Islands-based design company.

Ambience is a crucial factor when it comes to designing the pool according to the architects of OBMI who have designed swimming pools at some of top hotels as well as residential developments.

4. Design How much, and what type of design?

The UK-based Craig Bragdy Design creates ceramic designs for pools that are just below the waterline. He’s also designed a sand effect to the beach, as well as colorful Art Deco designs, and even recreated the Gustav Klimt work in the bottom of one pool.

Chin has seen an increase in the number of customers who want more vibrant colors for their pools instead of the typical blue, to give an edgier, modern appearance. Craig Bragdy’s director of operations Shon Powell offers some tips on picking uncommon patterns and colors. “Remember to be mindful of the color. Browns and brownish hues look dirty, and red may look unappealing as well,” the expert says.

5. Do you wish to transcend the limit of infinity?

For many the infinity pool is the ultimate in elegance and style, however recently, it’s been given an overhaul. Brian Pinkett, a partner of the Landry Design Group, a company based in Los Angeles. Landry Design Group, says: “In some recent projects we’ve given the infinity pool an upgrade, by making the wall that forms the infinity edge entirely made of glass, so that you can enjoy the view of the water, too.”

6. Have you thought about the final details?

Be aware that your architect will be able to work with you to ensure the pool you are building is a good fit in the natural surroundings of your yard or garden. An excellent architect will be able suggest other components you may require such as decking or a pool house–and make sure they are in harmony with the style of your home.