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The Top Benefits of Having a Concrete Worktop Installed

Although most people are aware that a concrete countertop is stunning, not many are aware of the huge benefits this type of worktop provides. Because of the properties of concrete, it is much more effective in comparison to Gunite tiles, laminates as well as engineered quartz.

With a myriad of options for design that your concrete worktop is able to be customized to suit your personal preferences. For instance you can choose from a range of unlimited colors you choose to use stain, integral colors, or any combination of both. Furthermore, a professional installer can create a customized edge and make your worktops in any shape or size you want. So instead of getting an identical worktop as other homes around Yours could be an individual work of art.

Enhanced Design – You can opt to include glass, stone ceramic, fossils, seashells, and more embedded. This will further enhance the individualization of your new worktops.

Style Options based on the kind of coating that you select your new worktops could be any style you like such as rustic, elegant industrial, or totally distinct.

Sturdy and Durable Concrete is strong and durable. is tough and durable. Being a hard material is naturally resistant to chips and scratches. But the moment an additional protective coating is applied to the surface, strength and endurance are increased.

The long-lasting – A further benefit of installing a concrete worktop is that, if properly maintained it can last all the time. While a sealer may require to be applied periodically but the worktop will never need to be replaced or re-sealed.

The worktops are heat resistant If the correct sealer is used the concrete worktops are resistant to heat. Therefore, they are able to stand the heat generated by hot saucepans or pots.

Simple Maintenance and Cleaning – To clean, a mild commercial product or simple soap and water is all you require. In terms of maintenance, all that is that you need on your countertop made of concrete is having it sealed at least every two or three years.

Invisible Seams – As opposed to other materials , such as tile, used for work surfaces The seams and grout lines in the concrete surface are nearly invisible or even disappear completely.

Stain Resistant: By having your kitchen’s concrete worktop correctly sealed and sealed it can be resistant to the stains, and even those stubborn ones from mustard, coffee and wine.

Ages Beautifully Ages Beautifully most distinctive characteristic of concrete is the fact that it is not static. This means it can change and take on a new look as time passes. The final result is that the appearance of your concrete worktop will change as you age.