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Transform Your Space: 15 Reasons to Add Coving

Adding coving to a room can transform the look and feel in ways that make the space seem larger, brighter, and more polished. Here are some of the top reasons you may want to consider installing coving in a room in your home:

  1. Coving creates a clean transition between walls and ceiling. Without coving, there is often just a straight angle where the walls meet the ceiling. This can look very plain and even create dark shadow lines in that corner. Installing coving covers up this hard angle with a graceful, sloping curve for a more finished look.
  2. It makes rooms look taller. Coving draws the eye upward and gives the illusion of extra height in a room. It almost seems to push the walls higher and the ceiling farther away. This makes rooms feel more open and expansive.
  3. Coving can highlight architectural details. In rooms with special ceiling details like beams, arches or decorative molding, coving can accentuate these attractive features. The coving helps point the eye to appreciate these elements.
  4. It adds an elegant, classy touch. Nothing says sophistication like the addition of coving. This trim detail has an understated elegance that is common in historical homes and palaces. Adding coving to a modern room brings in a hint of old-world charm and luxury.
  5. Coving helps hide imperfections. If your ceiling or upper walls have any flaws, cracks, or seams that you want to conceal, coving can cover up these areas so they blend seamlessly into the decor. The coving camouflages any unsightly scars or marks.
  6. It makes a room feel brighter. That sloping curve and extra lines of coving also work to reflect light around the room for a airier, more open ambiance. The shadowy ceiling corner disappears and allows light to bounce freely making the whole space brighter.
  7. Coving adds visual interest. The extra shape and lines of coving give you another layer of detail. This makes the room more interesting to look at than a flat ceiling and four blank walls. It creates a framework that draws you in.
  8. It defines different spaces. If you have one large open area that serves multiple needs, installing coving only in certain zones can help differentiate spaces. For example, it can separate a dining area from a living room within a big open floor plan.
  9. Coving finishes off a room. When you take time installing crown moldings, chair rails, baseboards and other trim in a space, don’t forget the coving. This last touch completes the designed look for a perfectly framed out room.
  10. It enhances other features. Coving can reflect natural light from windows to brighten the space. It also works with pendant lights, chandeliers and wall sconces to showcase a beautiful lighting scheme. All these other details just look better when paired with coving.
  11. Coving works on any ceiling. It can be installed on a flat ceiling, a sloped ceiling or even a ceiling with exposed beams or rafters. Coving is a flexible decor upgrade that fits in all types of rooms.
  12. It suits any decor style. Classy and traditional? Elegant and modern? Casual and cozy? The clean lines of coving complement all kinds of design aesthetics from formal to contemporary. It just gives every space that extra finishing touch.
  13. Coving is affordable. Compared to other improvements like a remodel or knocking down walls, installing coving is relatively inexpensive. But it can make as big of an impact on the look and feel of a room as larger scale renovations.
  14. It adds value. If you ever want to sell your home, the addition of coving trim is proven to increase resale value. It makes rooms look more high-end and polished which appeals to buyers. Rooms with coving often stand out and sell faster.
  15. Coving is low maintenance. Unlike wallpaper or paint, coving does not require ongoing upkeep. Once it is installed properly, coving requires little attention other than an occasional dusting. It keeps looking pristine for years.

With all these great benefits, it is easy to see why installing coving can be such a fantastic upgrade in any room. For a touch of elegance that makes your spaces look clean, bright and put-together, adding coving is a change worth considering. Evaluate each room and determine where this architectural detail can add that extra dash of style to take your home to the next level.