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What are the advantages of PAT testing?

What are the advantages of testing PAT?

Testing your appliances has numerous benefits, with the most important one is ‘saving lives’. For most workplaces, the main advantage of testing PAT is that it allows you to declare that you’re doing everything you can to make sure that the electrical equipment you supply is safe to use and therefore, you’re meeting the requirements for the safety of your employees and their health.

About 15% of household fires that occur that occur in England and Wales originate from electrical issues, with malfunctions in appliances and damaged cables as the main cause. In the average year, there are 8000 electrical fires in the UK alone, with more than four thousand injuries and more than 30 deaths.

Do these shocking numbers entice you to have your electrical system examined?

The reduction in these numbers is one of the benefits of PAT testing. The primary reason to have electrical devices tested nowadays is to decrease the risk of a device causing the fire.

7 of the most beneficial advantages of PAT Testing

PAT tests can reduce the risk of a device catching fire
PAT tests ensure that electrical appliances used by tenants in rental properties are safe*
PAT tests can reduce the risk of fires in the workplace.
Regular PAT tests could help you save cash in the long run.
The regular testing of PAT can help reduce the risks appliances can represent to your company
Testing for risk helps to ensure compliance with UK regulations.
Regular PAT tests will keep your insurance company satisfied

*Landlords are not required to conduct formal electrical tests, however they are legally bound by an obligation to make sure that electrical appliances supplied to tenants living in their residences are safe, or at a minimum are marked with the CE label.

Did you know? Central Scot PAT are leaders in PAT testing.

Within the UK the UK, electrical fires cause about 33% of fires that are accidental at work. These fires may be due to electrical malfunctions or improper use or misuse of equipment that is electrical. An increase in fires is observed during the time of Christmas. According to law, employers must ensure that equipment is maintained, installed and properly used, regardless of whether owned by the company or leased to the business.

Regular PAT tests can reduce the possibility of sparks

Fires caused by defective or counterfeit equipment are common in the UK and is the primary reason to test your equipment. A reliable PAT tester will know what to look out for and reduces the risk of your equipment causing an electrical fire.

Electrical appliances transfer electricity from the main power supply through the cable and plug to the appliance, which helps to make it function so that you can make use of it.

If there’s a problem within the route, there is a possibility it will cause an accident and possibly an electric shock to the user known as an electric shock.
If that shock proves be fatal, then the victim was electrocuted.
If someone is electrocuted, and dies, which isn’t an ideal way to die.
Electrical equipment users frequently do this without thinking about the implications of touching a malfunctioning appliance However, when they do, the results can be shocking.
A good maintenance program can ensure that appliances don’t go in poor repair.
Tests for portable appliances will look over all the way from the appliance from the plug for any issues and how they can be addressed.
This eliminates the possibility of an electric shock.

When we perform our PAT Test, benefits for you are

Free replacement plugs and fuse
Repairs are free
Certificates are issued quickly
Reminders to retest
Don’t waste money on tests that are not needed

It’s likely that the majority of people aren’t aware of this benefit until they experience it However, regular PAT tests will save you money in the in the long run. It’s more affordable than a maintenance agreement, and certainly less expensive than legal actions if the worst happens even if your the equipment for safety.

This is the most significant benefit from PAT tests.

The majority of people aren’t aware of the motives behind why PAT testing is done, and for the most part, they don’t realize the value of testing PAT until it’s too late.

PAT testing is crucial regardless of what people believe. PAT testing reveals defects in electrical appliances which may not be identified until they’ve killed someone, or destroyed property by igniting.

PAT testing is performed on electrical appliances just as an inspection performed on wiring installation. Both are crucial, due to the same reason – a malfunction can cause electric shock which is not something you want.

In worst-case scenarios an electric shock may turn into electrocution. If you’re electrocuted, you die. What makes it even more painful is that the death you suffer will be extremely painful.

Regular testing helps reduce the risk

Tests for portable appliances, when done correctly, will decrease and even eliminate the danger of fire or electrocution which is the benefit of conducting pat tests. It is impossible to provide an 100% guarantee, however in comparison to not doing anything in any way, the chances of safety being assured are significantly higher. What will your business suffer in the event of a fire? If we say there can’t offer a 100% assurance that’s because we cannot stop an appliance from becoming damaged when we test it, however, when we test it, we can ensure that it is safe.

Regular PAT testing reduces the risk of accidents

Accidents caused by defective electrics can be 20x more likely cause death to the victim than other kind of accident. PAT Testing finds faults that cause electrocution and then eliminates them.

There’s plenty of discussion about the frequency of PAT testing particularly the length of time you can go between tests. If you’re looking to make sure that the chance of an accident are as slim as they can be, you should to test your appliances frequently. It’s no surprise that companies which undergo annual testing have the lowest rates of repair, failures and accidents.

Testing your appliances can help you stay in compliance with the law.

It is the Electricity at Work Regulations (EAW)
Provisions and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)
Health & Safety at Work Act
Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations
Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations

PAT testing can help with insurance

Insurance companies require you to adhere to Health and Safety; if you’re not keeping the electrical appliances at an acceptable level and you aren’t able to prove your appliances are safe , your insurer could declare your policy invalid. This is one of the benefits of testing PAT.

If a claim is filed for any electrical malfunction caused by portable appliances that do not have the proper PAT Testing Certificate, Insurance companies are able to deny any claim.

The majority of insurance companies require that you have electrical appliances regularly checked.