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What to look for when hiring game developers?

It is no doubt that COVID-19 brought about the growth of many industries. One industry that thrived during the time of lockdowns, home-orders and social distancing was that of gaming. When the pandemic outbreak erupted many sought the refuge of gaming. According to Statista the data showed an increase in the amount of time spent playing video games during the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

On this page, we’ll discuss the importance of the industry of game development as well as the benefits of hiring gamers for video games, as well as the costs involved in creating games using various methods.

The magnitude of the gaming industry

The market for gaming is expected to grow to USD 339.95 billion in 2027 (Source: Mordor Intelligence). With such figures, we can conclude that the world is regaining its enthusiasm of video gaming, which is in creating a need for game developers. Video game development is one the longest-running and stable expanding verticals, with huge growth potential both in the near as well as the long-term.

The number of gamers who are active has increased by 1.99 million 2.95 million over the past six years, according to an analysis conducted by Newzao. In contrast to other industries, the gaming sector is extremely strong and has high levels of commitment and loyalty from customers, which makes it more resilient to changes within the marketplace. If your product is of high quality and it’s a good one, it will sell and we’ve seen this with a number of well-known gaming franchises.

Therefore, gaming companies need to increase their efforts by bringing on top gamers or a development team to deliver effective solutions to their games development projects. Here are the top four reasons to employ a video game developer or game development team to improve you “production level.”

4 reasons to work with video game creators

Before you begin looking for your video game developer, it’d be beneficial to understand the reasons why you should choose them. This will assist you in making educated decisions. You’d choose to hire someone who has the capacity to perform the task correctly and could surprise you with some surprising yet innovative ideas.

Game developers UK help you with the translation of your requirements into effective codes.

There’s a lot to translate business needs to technical specs. Particularly in the case of gaming on video, the entire business thrives because of the capability to provide an experience that players enjoy playing. When you release a poor-quality and boring game, your revenue is likely to suffer. It is recommended to hire a game designer who can conduct an exhaustive analysis of the user’s, system’s requirements, and their functional aspects and define the flow of information and then create wireframes.
Game developers make sure that the game they create is engaging.

A responsible developer of video games ensures that the game has of the correct settings and configurations to define how different players will behave and react. Think about “Call of Duty” among the most popular series of video games. The game promised intense gunfights and it did. Imagine what would happen if the game was not enough and features were not functioning as they were supposed to. A tiny amount of glitch or bug can ruin players’ entire gaming experience. the aftermath can degrade the worth of the new game or its spin-offs.

It is therefore essential that game developers search for the top video game developers for hire, who will ensure that the game’s video is high-quality and engaging.

Demand for video games is rising, which is causing business growth.

Game developers can aid you in growing your company’s operations in the game development field when the demand for their services increases. One of the major factors that changed the field of game development and resulted in an evolution in the industry was the growing use of mobile-based applications as well as mobile Internet users. Let’s take a look at a few statistics that illustrate the way mobile gaming is transforming the market.

The amount of gamers who played mobile games around the world for 2021 was 2.65 billion (Source: Statista),

The total number of PC gamers in the world in 2021 was predicted to at 1.75 billion (Source: Statista). This is close to half the amount of gamers on mobile devices.

The share of mobile gaming in the total gaming revenues worldwide as of 2012 stood at 18 percent (Source: Statista) and was projected at 59% by 2021.

It’s only natural to stay on top of the latest trends with such impressive statistics. This is why it is important to hire developers with exceptional abilities and who can help in the long-term development of your business.

Professional video game designers ensure that you are up to date with the most recent technological advances.

Gaming companies are constantly pushing the boundaries in order to introduce new versions of games or consoles that provide the best possible user experience. Imagine the kinds of games we played 40 years ago compared to the games we enjoy today. It would be an incredible technological leap that completely changed the industry of game development.

Let’s examine some of the technology that have been instrumental in bringing about a variety of transformative changes

AI: Companies must ensure that game developers tap the full capabilities of AI and machine learning throughout all aspects that are involved in game design. In the end, this technology is vital in analyzing the behavior of players.

VR/AR: The best way to comprehend VR/AR within games is Pokemon GO. These technologies are able to be used to give gamers a complete immersion experience. This is why you should hire an expert game designer with impressive experience and expertise in AR as well as VR.

What are the things to look out for when you hire game developers?

If you are planning to hire designers for video games, it’s crucial to create a hiring process that allows you to locate and select the most skilled developers on the market. Finding the best talent that is compatible with your goals and your company’s style of operation can be difficult, which is why it’s crucial to establish a system to hire video game developers who fit perfectly with your strategy for development.

It is best to seek out game designers who are enthusiastic about their craft and who are open to exploring the many possibilities. Creativity is a key component in the development of games. So, it is important to seek out developers who are creative and have the ability to come up with innovative ideas for improving the process of developing games. These developers must be skilled with 3D design abilities and be skilled in working with games designing tools and software , such as Unity, Godot, Unreal Engine and ZBrush and others.

The developer must also possess the fundamental technical knowledge, such as design frameworks and programming languages which are frequently employed in game development. The technical skills you should look for include Java, C++, HTML5, Python, JavaScript and Swift and many more.

It is also important to consider soft skills like problems-solving and communication skills along with leadership abilities and time-management capabilities. Game developers often work with team members from different teams and teams that are cross-functional, so the ability to communicate effectively is a must. A problem-solving ability can ensure that the developer can overcome any bottlenecks or issues they may encounter in the course of development.

How do you find the top video game designers?

There are various steps in hiring gamers. It is crucial to have an effective and organized hiring process if you wish to recruit the top developers in the field. Here are a few of the phases involved in hiring gamers for video games.

The initial stage is the pre-production phase during which you have to write down your requirements and sketch out your plans for the kind of game you’d like create. In this phase one of the aspects you’ll need to decide on are compatibility of the platform – which ones you would like your game to work with, for example Windows, Mac, gaming consoles, Android, and iOS as well as budget game, genre, gameplay and the monetization choices.

The amount you budget will have a significant impact on the kind of game you create in terms of its size features, capabilities, and complexity. Once you’ve finished your pre-production phase then the next step is to find the most skilled developers who can translate and implement your dream into the reality.

If you’re planning an extensive or mid-sized game development project, then you’ll require experts in game development with expertise in managing various elements of your project such as conceptualization, design maintenance, and development. It is highly recommended to find experienced full-time developers particularly if you are working on large-scale projects, since you will require continuous technical inputs and assistance from the developers in order to roll out regular updates and ensuring efficient maintenance.

After you have completed the stage of pre-production and have written down your requirements, you will have to write a clear and succinct job description to finding the most skilled game developers available. It is essential to search for the appropriate sites and platforms to find appropriate game developers. Screening of applicants is an essential component in the process of hiring and you should be careful in this procedure.

Always choose those with a strong portfolio, rather than someone with a good CV. The interview process needs to be organized properly and you should assess game developers in terms of technical and soft skills. After you have chosen the ideal candidate, you will need to finish the paperwork process, which includes the offer letter and continue to an onboarding program.


Video games have created an important place in our lives. There are games that relate to every aspect of our lives such as studies, sports, psychology and more. It is imperative for businesses to find a game developer and obtain access to their game development.