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Why Go Island Hopping In Greece?

Greece includes 119 inhabited islands, and approximately 30,000 islands! With numerous islands to pick from, each one with its distinct style, picking only one could be an overwhelming task. Certain islands are famous for stunning white sand beaches and isolated coves, whereas other islands are known for their delicious cuisine and rich past. The most popular islands such as Rhodes as well as Santorini are vibrant and with things to see and do, while less well-known islands provide peace and an experience that is “Authentic Greece”. If you’re looking to explore more than one stunning Greek paradise on a holiday island hopping experience, island hopping gives you the chance to experience this.

With six major islands and a vast variety of possible itineraries to select from The possibilities are endless. But what are the advantages of island hopping as a part of a trip to only one of Greece’s most idyllic islands? Find out the advantages that make this kind of holiday unique.

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Explore More About Greece

It is a daunting task to choose from the many famous places to visit in Greece and seeing them all in one trip is nearly impossible! Island hopping provides you with the chance to see more of Greece in a single trip which allows you to check off your bucket list of moments and cherish experiences that last forever in the memories. For instance, one of the most well-known images in Greece is the town of Oia situated on Santorini that overlooks the stunning Caldera and sparkling sea. Another stunning view is the snow-white windmills on Mykonos which stand out against the pinks, oranges and yellows of the Cycladic sunset. Combining these two amazing islands into one unforgettable vacation lets you experience these two amazing moments.

Do not limit yourself to Greece’s islands, however. One of the most famous tourist spots is its historic capital, Athens. Combining Athens along with the islands in the vicinity offers the very best of a European city break, exploring one of the most fascinating cities. It also offers an idyllic beach vacation, taking your time lying on the soft sand and sipping a drink while the crystal-clear water laps on your feet.

Island Contrasts

It is said that the Greek islands are filled with different styles. There are islands that have lively towns, vibrant entertainment, numerous attractions to see and outstanding luxurious resorts, but there are they also have smaller, less-known islands that allow you to live the authentic Greece with peaceful beaches, serene atmospheres and family-run properties that serve delicious food prepared by the home cook. One of the greatest benefits of an island-hopping vacation for Greece is that Greek Islands is the opportunity to enjoy the most enjoyable of both by mixing the two islands, each with completely different personalities. Perhaps no other combination of islands is more illustrative then Rhodes as well as Halki. Cosmopolitan Rhodes is one of the most sought-after Greek islands that has a long list of things to do and a variety of accommodations including luxurious five-star resorts. Nearby Halki is a bit than a little different, and is perfect for travelers seeking absolute relaxation and an insight into the Greek lifestyle in the way it has been for many centuries.

Ferry or Fly You Decide!

It is truly amazing that is afloat in the outer deck of the boat when it arrives at the picturesque harbor as you take pleasure in all the sounds and sights, and contemplating what is to come on this exciting Greek island and the island-hopping experience continues. Ferries are the most well-known method of visiting the Greek islands, with a lot of them being close enough to be able to sail between. It’s not just the most economical option for travel between places, but allows passengers to take in breathtaking views of the next destination’s coastline.

If you are suffering with seasickness , or wish to experience a variety of regions of Greece on one journey flying is the ideal alternative. International airports are available on the majority of the most popular islands, while smaller ones have domestic airports that give plenty of choice in making your plans. With the possibility for flying to two different islands there’s an endless number of combinations that you can select and mix islands which are geographically separated. Ferries that connect islands like the Ionian Islands on Greece’s west coast as well as those between the Dodecanese in the east aren’t feasible, however, with the many flights that are available between the principal islands, you can be admiring the jaw-dropping Shipwreck Beach in Zante one day and then exploring the ancient wonders of Rhodes old town the next.